Specialization - God of war Combat

As a specialization, my mission was to try to get a feel and first look at Unreal Engine as a C++ Developer. I felt that the best way to get a feel for it was by doing what I enjoy, Gameplay!

So I went with the pitch of trying to recreate the God Of War axe combat, detailed by the Santa Monica developers in their GDC talks.

The Process

I used the Unreal socket system to attach the axe model in a fitting placement placement

With the mission of getting to know unreal as a C++ developer, I wanted to create as much as possible without Unreal boilerplate classes.

I created a custom character controller and axe that attaches to the specified socket on the player and the enemy models.

During development, I also discovered that unreal as a platform has mostly tutorials on implementing features through blueprints, instead of how to best use the framework as a C++ developer. This made my workflow consist

of looking through blueprint tutorials to figure out what systems come native and are unnecessary to rewrite.

In the end, I managed to work around most systems that I wanted to recreate and still get to use systems that I had no interest in developing on my own, like the animation event system that I used to sync the axe's damage collider to the animation.

The Result

At the end of personal projects, you always feel that you could have done more. While this was the case this time as well, I still feel that I accomplished what I set out to learn, how to handle Unreal as a C++ Developer.

The result, shown in the video, gave me the knowledge and confidence that I can quickly get a feel for different workflows and be able to deliver something within a short development period.