About Me

My journey with games started at the age of six, when I was introduced to Super Mario 64 by my brother. From that moment on I have been hooked to experiencing stories through games in every shape and form.

The drive to be a part of the process to create games did not arrive until I experienced programming in upper secondary school. Programming with all its endless potential and challenges is something I would never become bored with, so why not combine both of my passions and apply for The Game Assembly?

At The Game Assembly, I found my interest narrows down to Gameplay- and Audio programming. Both of these fields are the pillars behind my passion for games so it is no wonder I now want to apply for work within both fields.

I am currently looking for a 30-week internship starting in August 2022. I am however flexible with the start date and always open to relocating.


The talented team that created our in-house DirectX 11 engine - Gråtmotorn and the accompanying games created in that engine.